Wednesday, 29 July 2009

The Battle of Badr Series

Have you ever heard of the Battle of Badr? It was the greatest and first battle of Islam and it took place in Ramadhan, which is now just round the corner. What lessons can we learn from this, the greatest of battles, which was lead by the Messenger of Allah (saw), with the companions and the angels in his ranks? Come find out and prepare yourself for Ramadhan.
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Talk 1: Devotion to Allah and his Messenger - 2nd Aug '09 @ 7PM

Talk 2: Badr, and the victory that was promised - 16th Aug '09 @7PM

Monday, 13 July 2009

Live life to the MAX

You've seen the advert, Pepsi Max, doing crazy stuff with the moto; 'Live life to the Max' cos you only live once don 't ya, so you might as well taste a bit of everything ennit. This is what we're told in this society, that we're free and no-one should tell us what to do, not our parents, leaders, not even God we're told! But is this the right way of doin things and is it the cause of the social and economic mess we find ourselves in? Does our belief in being a slave to God rather than being free to do what ever we want offer a way out to a better society? Come share your thoughts... Click on image for full details

Monday, 6 July 2009

Islam can feed the World!

Remember the Live 8 concert from a few years back? Hyde Park, thousands of people and Bob Geldof with the dodgy hair? It's aim was to end global poverty, but years later the poor peoples are still fighting poverty. And they're not the only ones that have tried; there was Band Aid back in the 80's and everytime these World leaders meet they're saying they'll give billions and cut all their debt and stuff, but NO change! So why have they all failed and have the poor always been poor? Did you know that Islam once ruled over Africa and rather than it being the begging bowl it is now, it was the bread bowl that was feeding other parts of the Islamic State! Boy, I bet you didn't know that! Come and see how Islam can solve today's poverty crisis as it did before. Click on image for full details