Thursday, 28 May 2009

Origins of Hip Hop

Listen to 50 cent, Eminem n Jay Z? On your mobile phone, blurin out from the speakers, trousers down and hood up? But have you ever wondered why they all seem to rap about the same stuff: Sex, money and the Bling Bling? Well you probably don't know Hip Hop wasn't always like that, far from it. Hip Hop actually started out as the voice of the oppressed black yout in the Hoods of America speakin out about how messed up things were, speakin out against the system and the fight for change. But then the message got lost and is what you listen to today.

Isn't it time we, the Muslim youth started speakin out? Against the attack on Islam, the stop and searches and the fear our community is under. Come pay us a visit to see how we can stand up against the oppression... Click Image for more details

Monday, 18 May 2009

Is KFC Halal?

Was it one of the best days of your life? When you heard the Colonel's secret recipe was now being sprinkled on Halal Chicken! "Yes bruv, I'm down there today", you said before some spoiler starts telling you about how it's not approved by HMC so he's stickin to his PFC! So was it too good to be true, or are you gonna do some research to prove it's halal? But are we gettin too obsessed about it? Are we forgettin about checkin out if everything else that's goin on around us halal? "SO IS KFC HALAL?" Come check us out! Click on image for full details Watch this talk

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Britain Hasn't Got TALLENT

What? I thought the show was called Britain's GOT Talent you're asking. But have you actually thought about what sort of talent Britain is famous for right now? How many pints can you down in one night? Being the youngest mum n dad in town or how many beefs my crew has got into? Unfortunately this is the kind of 'Talent' Britain is famous for right now! So no wonder the youth of the cities are on a rampage. Check us out to find out about the Muslim youth who changed history and were the real Talent we should be aiming for.
Clinic on image for full details

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Britain Doesn't need YOU

What dya mean Britain Don't need me?? What've I done wrong you're thinking? It's not what you've done wrong, it's what you've thought wrong!

You see the Government is planning to bring out new laws to control the way Muslims think!! They'll only accept us if we fit into their idea of a Muslim, otherwise we'll get labelled a Terrorist, Extremist and every other 'ist' they can think of. Come and find out what parliament has got planned for you, and why if you're not down with their flow, you're not wanted!!! Click on image for full details