Thursday, 28 May 2009

Origins of Hip Hop

Listen to 50 cent, Eminem n Jay Z? On your mobile phone, blurin out from the speakers, trousers down and hood up? But have you ever wondered why they all seem to rap about the same stuff: Sex, money and the Bling Bling? Well you probably don't know Hip Hop wasn't always like that, far from it. Hip Hop actually started out as the voice of the oppressed black yout in the Hoods of America speakin out about how messed up things were, speakin out against the system and the fight for change. But then the message got lost and is what you listen to today.

Isn't it time we, the Muslim youth started speakin out? Against the attack on Islam, the stop and searches and the fear our community is under. Come pay us a visit to see how we can stand up against the oppression... Click Image for more details


Anonymous said...

Salaam Aleikom
Is it haram to play gamecards without making money? I mean, just play for fun..? Ive heard that its not good because of the pictures they have on the cards, king and queen pictures..


The Ex-General said...


Jzk for the talk one comment I have is yes the Black Community in America stood up to racism, but as the speaker pointed out those in power diverted this movement with diversons i.e. money, women, fame etc. This will happen to the Muslim Communtiy by diverting us with a toned down, watered down easy to fit Islam so we have to remain steadfast....