Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Britain Doesn't need YOU

What dya mean Britain Don't need me?? What've I done wrong you're thinking? It's not what you've done wrong, it's what you've thought wrong!

You see the Government is planning to bring out new laws to control the way Muslims think!! They'll only accept us if we fit into their idea of a Muslim, otherwise we'll get labelled a Terrorist, Extremist and every other 'ist' they can think of. Come and find out what parliament has got planned for you, and why if you're not down with their flow, you're not wanted!!! Click on image for full details


Wajid said...


R u gonna b downloading more talks? I can only see the one about drugs which i found very good id like to see more.

Wajid said...

Salam again

has someone got a recording of this one i want to know more about these laws

THE MOD TEAM said...

Walaikum Salaam Wajid,

Sorry for the delay, I have uploaded the audio, you can now listen to MOD talks on our BLOG inshallah, just click play.

We will be uploading more youtube vids in the near future inshallah.

Ma as salaam
Your Brother