Monday, 18 May 2009

Is KFC Halal?

Was it one of the best days of your life? When you heard the Colonel's secret recipe was now being sprinkled on Halal Chicken! "Yes bruv, I'm down there today", you said before some spoiler starts telling you about how it's not approved by HMC so he's stickin to his PFC! So was it too good to be true, or are you gonna do some research to prove it's halal? But are we gettin too obsessed about it? Are we forgettin about checkin out if everything else that's goin on around us halal? "SO IS KFC HALAL?" Come check us out! Click on image for full details Watch this talk


Anonymous said...

AsalaamzWW, An interesting talk though i dont think it was appropriate to label a talk/poster then speak on somethink totally different.

THE MOD TEAM said...

Walaikum Salaam,

Jzk for your comment. The purpose of the talk was to address priorities as we see today people only apply Halal and Haram on food stuff and when it comes to more important obligation issues, Islam is not the point of discussion. For example: the same date KFC made their announcement about being halal we found Muslims started debating whilst on the same day thousands of Muslims in Pakistan in Swat were being mascaraed, where was the discussion about this...

Ma as salaam
MOD Team