Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Britain Hasn't Got TALLENT

What? I thought the show was called Britain's GOT Talent you're asking. But have you actually thought about what sort of talent Britain is famous for right now? How many pints can you down in one night? Being the youngest mum n dad in town or how many beefs my crew has got into? Unfortunately this is the kind of 'Talent' Britain is famous for right now! So no wonder the youth of the cities are on a rampage. Check us out to find out about the Muslim youth who changed history and were the real Talent we should be aiming for.
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Safa said...

I just wonder about why its haram to listen to music? Do u have a explanation on that?

and is it possible for u guys to download ur lectures on youtube?
I dont live in UK


Anonymous said...

Was salam alykum,

Yes Ministry of Dawah has been launched on YouTube.
Please type in MMinistry of Dawah in YouTube or select the following link:http://www.youtube.com/user/ministryofdawah07

Ma' salaam

THE MOD TEAM said...

Walaikum Salaam Safa,

Sorry for the delay to get back to you. Music is not haram unless the content of the music you are listening to is haram and it takes you away from your deen. But it is recommended that the only lyrics that sooth our hearts is the recitation of the Qur'an.

We will be uploading more youtube videos in the near future and you can also listen to our talks via audio on our blog inshallah.

Ma as salaam
Your brother