Monday, 28 July 2008

Quran.. ON TRIAL! How do you plead?

Prosecution: “The Qur’an is an outdated book that can not be applied in the modern world. It promotes hatred and violence, it discriminates against non-believers and women. It is a backward and baseless book. It is an unpreserved document with many contradictions.”

Defence: “The Qur’an is a timeless miracle. It is a preserved text that has solutions for humanity’s problems. It provides the basis for peace, tolerance, justice, progress and prosperity.”

So many attacks on the Quran these days.. So we are going to have the court case style event! A Judge, Jury, Plaintiff and Defendant.. There will be a case brought against the Quran.. Is it a book of Hate? Violence? Contradictions? Brainwashing? Nonsense?

Come down and hear the case against the Quran - defend the Book of Allah (is it?) - Hear and Learn the arguments and the correct way to defend and explain the truth against these attacks- spread the message - fight ignorance and darkness Defend the Deen!

We will be having our SPECIAL GUEST SPEAKER (and a MOD Favourite and Fan) Hamza Andreas Tzortzis, a greek convert to Islam, is an international lecturer on Islam and especially the Quran, public speaker, freelance writer, author and peaceful activist. He has debated prominent academics, intellectuals, Christian Professors, Scientists, Atheists, Agnostics and public speakers all over Europe, America and The Muslims World and had numerous media appearances.

How do you plead??


Thursday, 24 July 2008

Isra & Mi'raj - The Night Journey of Prophet SAW

As the aniversary of Al Isra Wal Miraj Approaches.. The Night Journey, on a creature with the face of a human, wings like a bird and body of a horse... All the way from Arabia to Al-Quds, Palestine - to the Rock (from the Dome of the Rock) and then onto the seven heavens.. To witness all Prophets, Heaven, Hell and talk to Allah...

Come and hear this powerful spiritual story retold.. and hear how this story still should shake our hearts and provoke our minds to come back to the deen and refect upon these powerful lessons...

But did you know... When this was revealed, many Muslims left Islam and Muhammed SAW, sayin that he had gone crazy! Will you still stick by his Deen and Message even today? In the face of such hostitlity and mockery? Would you go out and say you beileve that your Prophet saw sat on a creature that was a a man/horse/bird? What will you do when your faith is shaken and you feel stupid to open your mouth?

Learn the arguments - Spread the message - Defend the Deen!


QURAN - ON TRIAIL - case postponed for 1 week..

salaam aleykum

We will be postpoing the "Quran - on Trial!" court case for one week - so let your peeps know and build up the momentum.. We all saw the channel 4 doc right?

Meanwhile do attand our "Isra Wal Miraj" event this week - should be spiritual inshallah!


Monday, 14 July 2008


Questioner - What does Jerusalem mean to you?
Salahuddeen Ayoubi - Nothing.. (pause) ..Everything!
You have seen the film, The Kingdom of Heaven.. now come and learn the truth about the man.. the hero.. who became a Legend..
Heres what non-Muslims have said about him:
“Kurds, Turks, Arabs and Egyptians - they were all Muslims and his servants when he called,” Lane writes. “In spite of their differences of race, their national jealousies…he had kept them together…”
According to the French writer René Grousset,

"It is equally true that his generosity, his piety, devoid of fanaticism, that flower of liberality and courtesy which had been the model of our old chroniclers, won him no less popularity in Frankish Syria than in the lands of Islam".

When German Kaiser Willhelm the Secondwent to Syria he laid a wreath at the tomb of Saladin in Damascu with the inscription,

"A Knight without fear or blame who often had to teach his opponents the right way to practice chivalry".

Monday, 7 July 2008


"A man who stand for nothing, will fall for anything."

- Brother Haji Malcolm X aka Malik El-Shabbaz

What do you stand for?

Come and see the heir of Malcolm X deliver a talk about the man, his mission and most importently, his message - and how it can change your life today and change the world like he did in his day!

Malcolm X Quotes:

"I am and always will be a Muslim. My religion is Islam." - Malcolm X

"I believe in Islam. I am a Muslim and there is nothing wrong with being a Muslim, nothing wrong with the religion of Islam. It just teaches us to believe in Allah as the God. Those of you who are Christian probably believe in the same God, because I think you believe in the God Who created the universe. That's the One we believe in, the One Who created universe--the only difference being you call Him God and we call Him Allah. The Jews call Him Jehovah. If you could understand Hebrew, you would probably call Him Jehovah too. If you could understand Arabic, you would probably call Him Allah...." - Malcolm X

"America needs to understand Islam, because this is the one religion that erases from its society the race problem. Throughout my travels in the Muslim world, I have met, talked to, and even eaten with people who in America would have been considered white, but the white attitude was removed from their minds by the religion of Islam. I have never before seen sincere and true brotherhood practiced by all together, irrespective of their color." - Malcolm X

"True Islam taught me that it takes all of the religious, political, economic, psychological, and racial ingredients, or characteristics, to make the Human Family and the Human Society complete." - Malcolm X

"For the freedom of my 22 million black brothers and sisters here in America, I do believe that I have fought the best that I know how, and the best that I could, with the shortcomings that I have had...I know that societies often have killed people who have helped to change those societies. And if I can die having brought any light, having exposed any meaningful truth that will help destroy the racist cancer that is malignant in the body of America then, all of the credit is due to Allah. Only the mistakes have been mine." - Malcolm X

"All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of all the worlds." - Malcolm X

The future belongs to those who prepare for it today.
Malcolm X

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. Malcolm X

Time is on the side of the oppressed today, it's against the oppressor. Truth is on the side of the oppressed today, it's against the oppressor. You don't need anything else.
Malcolm X, Malcolm X Speaks, 1965

I believe in human beings, and that all human beings should be respected as such, regardless of their color. Malcolm X

There is no better than adversity. Every defeat, every heartbreak, every loss, contains its own seed, its own lesson on how to improve your performance the next time. Malcolm X

Truth is on the side of the oppressed. Malcolm X

You show me a capitalist, and I'll show you a bloodsucker. Malcolm X

You're not supposed to be so blind with patriotism that you can't face reality. Wrong is wrong, no matter who says it. Malcolm X

"I am not a racist. I am against every form of racism and segregation, every form of discrimination. I believe in human beings, and that all human beings should be respected as such, regardless of their color." - Malcolm X

"The zionist argument to justify Israel's present occupation of Arab Palestine has no intelligent or legal basis in history." - Malcolm X

"It is impossible for capitalism to survive, primarily because the system of capitalism needs some blood to suck. Capitalism used to be like an eagle, but now it's more like a vulture. It used to be strong enough to go and suck anybody's blood whether they were strong or not. But now it has become more cowardly, like the vulture, and it can only suck the blood of the helpless. As the nations of the world free themselves, the capitalism has less victims, less to suck, and it becomes weaker and weaker. It's only a matter of time in my opinion before it will collapse completely." -Malcolm X

"A new world order is in the making, and it is up to us to prepare ourselves that we may take our rightful place in it." - Malcolm X

Wednesday, 2 July 2008



From the Streets to the Straigth Path!
*Limited Seating*
@ 6.45pm SHARP, Hamden Youth Club, Ossulston Street, Kings Cross, London, NW1

With special guest appearances from the most talked about muslim rappers in london such as DPZ, Masikah and Muslim Bilal Also known from their fist full of lyrics in Blackstone, they will be kicking off MOD's summer activities campaign.

This Summer, this is 'were da party @' !!
Miss it, Miss out!

DPZ, Masikah and Muslim Bilal will be doing rapping a cappella and talking about their lives and how they came from the streets... to the straight path of Islam!

Contact 07903661996 or