Thursday, 24 July 2008

Isra & Mi'raj - The Night Journey of Prophet SAW

As the aniversary of Al Isra Wal Miraj Approaches.. The Night Journey, on a creature with the face of a human, wings like a bird and body of a horse... All the way from Arabia to Al-Quds, Palestine - to the Rock (from the Dome of the Rock) and then onto the seven heavens.. To witness all Prophets, Heaven, Hell and talk to Allah...

Come and hear this powerful spiritual story retold.. and hear how this story still should shake our hearts and provoke our minds to come back to the deen and refect upon these powerful lessons...

But did you know... When this was revealed, many Muslims left Islam and Muhammed SAW, sayin that he had gone crazy! Will you still stick by his Deen and Message even today? In the face of such hostitlity and mockery? Would you go out and say you beileve that your Prophet saw sat on a creature that was a a man/horse/bird? What will you do when your faith is shaken and you feel stupid to open your mouth?

Learn the arguments - Spread the message - Defend the Deen!


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