Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Path of the DEAD

What happens when I die? Will I see the Grim Reaper? Will I become a ghost? What happens to my body? What happens to my soul? Where will it go? Is there punishment and reward?

Come find out the answers to these and know what is, The Path of the Dead.
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Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Mothers Day Delusion

This Sunday is when Britain celebrates Mothers Day, but instead of celebrating mothers, shouldn’t we be asking where they’ve all gone?? Obviously everyone’s got/had a mum, but looking at today’s society motherhood has lost it’s sparkle. With girls having ‘fashion’ babies cos Tracy’s got one, working mums leaving the parenting to after school clubs, kids TV and the streets and the professional mum having kids in their 40s after establishing a ‘career’; we ask, “Where are the mothers gone?” The ‘lost generation’ of un-controllable ‘hoodies’ causing havoc in the streets is clearly a result of this. How can Islam save society from the edge of the drop? Come find out...
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Saturday, 14 March 2009

DEATH... The Final Destination

As Jade Goodie gets closer to her final day, and with everyone watching on, it makes us think; about the only thing in life that's definite...DEATH. The prophet (saw) said "Remember often the destroyer of pleasures", but rather than remember it, we run away from it, though it comes without warning. So have we prepared for the eventuality? Unlike Jade who's trying to make as much money as she can before she goes, shouldn't we be concerned about what happens after, we reach our Final Destination.
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Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Awakening of the GIANT

Ever since the destruction of the Islamic State 85 years ago on the 3rd of March 1924, the Ummah has witnessed continuous misery through the implementation of western colonialist systems. The implementation of the western colonialist system has lead the Ummah to suffer from: division, occupation, economic poverty, social breakdown, corrupt leaders, corrupt culture, etc

Now we are witnessing the Muslim Ummah breaking away
from this pathetic situation by rejecting the corrupt western solutions and calling for Islam and the implementation of Shariah. We are witnessing the Re-Awakening of the sleeping Giant. The Giant that once held great influence across the globe and is about to takes it rightful place on the international arena once again. This Giant is the Muslim Ummah unified under one ruler implementing Islam in the Khilafah state.

Talk 1:
85 Years since the Destruction of the Khilafah
- Taji Mustafa
Talk 2:
The Awakening of the Giant
Sheikh Abu Hasan Al Ansari

In association with Ar-Rahman Masjid Ministry of Dawah strongly recommends brothers to attend this event. Click on image for full details

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Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Contest 2 to Contest YOU

The government is planning a new law to sideline Muslims carrying ‘dangerous’ ideas. What are these ‘dangerous’ ideas you ask??? The reality is that they’re not dangerous at all and are fundamental aspects of Islam:

They want us to reject the idea of a caliphate and shariah law; there is no Islam without these 2! They’re telling us we MUST reject Jihad and condemn the killing of British soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan; Hey?? Why should we condemn the ones who are defending their land and support those who are occupying it?? And you’ll love this one... they want us to accept Homosexuality!!!

So going beyond making every Abdul and Muhammad a terror suspect, they now want to make us a suspect because of what we think! You gonna take that or are you gonna come check out how to Stand For Islam. Click on image for full details

HIGHLIGHTS OF THE EVENT - Muslims discussed and shared their views on why the government plans to silence Muslims on their fundamental beliefs. They are introducing 'thought crime' and trying to scare Muslims and ban them from speaking about their beliefs. Conclusion was Muslims will not be scared to speak and will continue to have dialogue with people. We will not be silenced.