Saturday, 14 March 2009

DEATH... The Final Destination

As Jade Goodie gets closer to her final day, and with everyone watching on, it makes us think; about the only thing in life that's definite...DEATH. The prophet (saw) said "Remember often the destroyer of pleasures", but rather than remember it, we run away from it, though it comes without warning. So have we prepared for the eventuality? Unlike Jade who's trying to make as much money as she can before she goes, shouldn't we be concerned about what happens after, we reach our Final Destination.
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Anonymous said...

salaams dunno where to leave a comment..but jus a suggestion , a talk on money crisis would be good, i know most youth are broke and always looking of ways to make money- trust me know boys at stepney green school who sell fan guwa and bombay mix for money! we all want money to make us happy...but discuss how rizq is fixed...and the main concept of how to make ourself happy is by pleasing ALlah swt ...jzk

Anonymous said...

Assalamu Alaikum Masha’Allah this talk was very touching and so true....death is just around the corner we do not know when its going to fear Allah (S.W.T). JazakAllah Khair....may Allah keep us all in the right way of life.

your sister Zainab


youthonislam said...

Mashallah. a good talk and reminder for all of us....a bit short but straight to the point.