Monday, 8 June 2009

Corruption.. At the HIGHEST LEVEL

If you've switched on the news or seen the front cover of the London Paper or Lite in the last few weeks, you'd a noticed one main story: That those mans in the parliament have been swindlin ber moneys for their houses and stuff. I mean these MPs have been buyin Plasma TVs, £3000 carpets and swimming pools claiming they need it for work!!! Bruv, that is called fraud and if it were some next country, they'd be sayin they need to invade it to liberate it's people!!! So while all these MPs are stealin the tax payers money, have you ever thought that Islam can have something to say about this? That the Islamic System has actually dealt with situations like this and has solutions for it?? No? Than come let us show you how... Click on image for full details

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By the way did you hear about the MP Expenses submitted by an MP that included 67p for Ginger Crinkle biscuits, 68p for Branston pickle.