Monday, 29 June 2009

Feeling the PINCH?

Have you felt the pinch yet? No not that type of pinch but the pinch on your pocket. The credit crunch has hit us hard here, banks havin to get bailed out by the government, over 2 million on the dole and good old Woolies goin bust! We've all been hit by the pinch, especially if you're a student tryin to find a part-time job, cos you've probably ... Read morefound that even Mc Ds ain't got any! So while we go without, have you got an idea what caused this slow-down? Any idea of how the world's meant to get out of it?Has Islam got the answers to this rollercoaster economy? Click on image for full details

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The Ex-General said...


In relation to the banks offering money to anyone. The bank once sent a letter of a bank loan for £25,000 to my wife who at that time was not even legally settled in the UK, no wonder we are feeling the pinch now.