Wednesday, 24 June 2009


Ever been jacked? The answer's most probably yes, cos you know how it is, when you've got a new phone you make sure that big bre don't catch sight of it in case it becomes HIS new phone! We live in a crime ridden society with people havin to lock themselves in the house with 6 different locks just to feel safe, and when they're out on the street they make sure not to step into the wrong neighbourhood. And there don't seem to be no way out cos with a CCTV camera on almost every corner we still feel unsafe... Come find out how Islam can solve the cycle of crime without having a single CCTV on the street. Click on image for full details.

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The Ex-General said...


In 2008 cases of Online Banking fruad doubled, costing around £52.5million in 2008 compared to £12.2 million in 2004.

The Youth Justice Board has found that one in 3 children carry a knife or gun and a crime is committed by a child every 2 minutes.