Monday, 10 March 2008

WHOSE YOUR BOY?? (or girl!)

Da bre whose got your back when ders beef? Da boy whose der wid u lendin cash on eid day? Da bre u grew up wid? Da bre u go skul wid? Da bre u shot wid? Or da bre u take drugs wid? Funny how dis same boy goes missin wen ur standin up in court wen it was his beef? Funny how dis same boy starts back stabbin u or cums round lyk a bailiff wen u cant pay him back, Funny how dis same boy dnt no u once u've grown up coz his 2 busy wid his chick, Its even funnier when he 's runnin away wid ur chick cuz! Funny how ur drug profit gets split 70/30 and u dnt even no. Dis is ur boy??

Wat does Islam say about friendship? Is havin a friend halal shudnt u jus be readin quran in ur spare time? Wat if ur mum dnt lyk dem? What do u luk 4 in a friend? Do u stay friends coz it benefits u and not wen it brings harm 2 u?

Whu is a tru friend?

Brothers and Sisters most welcome!
@6.45pm Sunday 16th March 2008
Hamden Youth Club, Ossulston st, Kings Cross.

For more info email or call 07903661996.

Click on flyer picture for more info.

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