Saturday, 23 August 2008

Differences of Opinion! Difference in Deen??

Why are there so many opinions? How can there be so many opinons? Which one is right? Dont these opinions create disunity? Why do people hold different points of view so strongly? Why did Allah allow this disunity? How can we ever unite, when we all have difference opinions? Should we all have the same opinion? Wasn't there only one Prophet Muhammed - so why so many opinions? Are these all made up? So can't I pick and choose opinions to suit me? Why do people with different opinons end up arguing over which one is better or stronger? Why do I need to follow a scholar or opinion or madhab? Isn't that like creating sects or divisions in the religion? If you do, then dont you end up following the Iman or Scholar or Sheikh instead of Allah and His Messanger? Shouldn't we just follow Quran and Sunnah??


Come and finally share.. your Opinion... and Ours!

Oh! ..and find the answers to all these questions too! ;)

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