Monday, 2 February 2009

LOVE, SEX.. & MARRIAGE? what does islam really say?

How do Muslims find their Soul mate - THE ONE? Can Muslims fall in love? How can I love someone if I can’t see them or their hair? What about dating or "going out"? Don't you need to "get to know" someone before you marry them? What about forced or arranged marriages - are they allowed? What if my mum has already told me I gotta marry my cousin back home? What do I do? What about dating/marrying someone outside your culture, race, area or religion?

But doesn't being married mean boring and dry? Doesn't the fun, sparkle and magic go away when you get married? Isn't sex something evil or a temptation we should stay away from? Isn't it a dunya thing? What if I'm in a relationship now - how do I make it halal? Click on image for full details

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