Wednesday, 22 April 2009

iMAAN Calls for Action

"Now excuse me Mr Shotter on the block, I know you're kind a happy with the licence that you got, Yeah with all your lovely ladies and your Ralph Lauren Shirt, But you call yourself a Muslim now it's time to put in work, You claiming you believe like you wear it on your sleeve, Now it's time to start following the Quran that you read, Excuse me sister, dancing in the club, With your eyebrows just plucked, face full of makeup, I dunno whether you noticed but, Palestine is under fire and Afghanistan is gettin blown-up, So while you're over there bumpin and grindin, Drinkin and smokin, laughin and jokin, The Hellfire is blazin and roarin, with sinners that are roastin, So start actin'pon the Deen that we're claimin..."
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