Monday, 11 January 2010

Where are the HEROES?

The Iman of Abu Bakr Siddique Sun 17th Jan ‘10 @ 7pm
The man that the Prophet (s) said his Iman would outway the Iman of the whole ummah, but he was a man that put his Iman into action and lead the ummah after the death of the Messenger (s).

The Conversion of Omar Al Farooq Sun 24th Jan ‘10 @ 7pm
The 2nd of the Prophet's (s) 2 Assistants, Omar was a staunch hater of Islam and was gonna kill the Messenger (s), so how did he then go on to be one of the greatest Heroes of Islam?

The Accounting of Imam Abu Hanifah Sun 31st Jan ’10 @ 7pm
Called The 'Great Imam', Abu Hanifah wasn't only famous for his knowledge but for his stance against the unjust Caliphs of his time which eventually lead to his death. A far cry from the scholars for dollars of today who are silent to the crimes of the tyrants in our lands.

The Bravery of Sultan Abdul Hamid Sun 07th Feb ‘10 @ 7pm
One of the last Caliphs of this Ummah yet one of it's greatest. He stood up to the moves of the British Empire against Islam Compare that to the coward rulers of today who bend over backwards for whatever the Americans & British want.

The Da'wah of Abu Ibrahim Sun 14th Feb ‘10 @ 7pm
Little known, but was the invigorator of the deen in the last century, began the work for the return of Islam to our lands and was eventually martyred because of it. A modern hero whose movement continues to this day.

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Amir-Al Bahr said...

A big JZK to MOD for these talks that you have lined up I have been waiting for a while for these talks as these kind of talks are close to my heart and I can say are close to the hearts of this blessed Ummah. So many a hero we have in Islam...What about the heroes of today....WHERE ARE YOU, WAKE UP AND MAKE HISTORY AND NOT BE PART OF THE HISTORY I.E. A SPECTATOR WATCHING THE WORLD GO BY......