Wednesday, 28 April 2010

To Vote or Not to Vote?

So Election Day is just round the corner and you’ve probably had bare mans knocking on you door promising you the world if you vote for them! Other people are telling just go and vote to stop the BNP getting in. But as Muslims we need to ask ourselves what Islam says about voting in this system, whether it’s worth it and what the alternative is?
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The Ex-General said...

Only 30% voted in the local elections of May 1998.

Only 36.5% voted in the European election of June 1994.

In the 1999 European elections the UK recorded a turnout of 23%.

The trend of low British turnouts continued in the 2001 General Election where 59.2% of the British people voted. This was one of the lowest turnouts on record for the mother of democracies (the lowest ever recorded turnout is 58.9% in 1918).