Wednesday, 22 September 2010

The Satanic Whispers

We have just left the blessed month of Ramadhan where the shaitan was chained. Now that the Shaitan's back, he'll be more than eager to catch up on the month he lost! Shaitan only whispers and those who do not understand the tactics of the Shaitan we’ll fall by making flimsy excuses and justify their wrongs!

But the believers who are aware of the works of Shaitan know that he is weak and his ways are weak as Allah SWT say “Ever feeble indeed is the plot of Shaitan” [Surah An-Nisa (4): Ayah 76] and “As for My slaves, you (Shaitan) have no power over any of them, save such of the sinners that follow you” [Surah Al-Hijr (15): Ayah 42]

So if you’re planning to use Shaitan as an excuse on the Day of Judgement... Don’t bother!
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sister Sabiha said...

Slamualaikum wa rehmatullah hi wa barkatu,
My dear brothers in Islam may allah reward you for delivering dawah, since you have started mod, I have watched, learnt and enjoyed various subjects you have discussed; As other brothers who have given talks relating to other subject they have mentioned the goodness you achieve and receive from allah subhan uttalah on the blissful month of Ramadan.
This talk was on whispers of shaytan, but I do apologise if I say anything wrong and out of line, this talk was meant to be on “whispers of shaytan’ but most of the talk was referred to Ramadan and the main point of the talk was missed out, I do appreciate that brother has given the month Ramadan as an example but he did not highlight main topic. To me it felt the talk was mostly based on Ramadan and not on the main point.
Qur’an there are several quotes as I can give you one surah Ibrahim 14 verse 22. He could have elaborated a bit more and made his subject much clear and give a positive impact.
My respected brothers in Islam I once again apologise for any mistakes.
Your sister in Islam Sabiha Nahl Khanam.

THE MOD TEAM said...

Walaikum Salaam Sister... Jazaak allahu khair for your feed back it is much appreciated. The brother who was suppose to give the talk pulled out due to unforeseen circumstances... The brother who gave the talk only had a few days to prepare for the talk. Please make dua to Allah that he improves us.

MoD Team