Sunday, 10 February 2008

Photos from "Love, Sex.. & Marriage?!" Event

Mashallah! All praise if for Allah - this event was LIVE! We had ~200 youth attending from all over London! As you can see it was a full house, brothers and sisters! (but sisters pictures not taken!) Everyone commented that they have never heard of such an event and never seen such an "on the level talk"!

ps we aim inshallah to have your questions answered and uploaded on the blog asap! Video's coming soon inshallah! Please leave your comments!!!

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Chika Kuku said...

Assalam, just wanted to say that the event was the BOMB!! Literally I couldnt stop ayaaz is soo cool I mean he knew how to target the youngsters -especially that yo yo yo gangsta style talk and da 'badd badd' accent!! Big joker! But seriously mashallah keep uup the good work!

Gosh I couldnt stop cracking on the 'Romeo and Shuliet' lol aaaaaaaaaaah!