Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Following the Prophet's (saw) example - like you have never seen before!

Slms! Here is a short skit on giving dawah with the vision of Muhammed (saw) - but in a way never heard before! The Prophet (saw) wanted the "superstars" of his time to accept Islam... Imagine the Terminator, Rocky, James Bond and George Bush - after taking shahadah! ;)


Ahmed said...

First :)
This is some FUNNY STUFF :), lol
gota love the jamil bond bit
well done :)
Also mashallah on the blogspot, brilliant job to all who made it work

Chika Kuku said...

Assalam, oh god ayaaz just doesnt give up huh!!! I really like the arnie accent.....lol - big crack ups! Mashallah! Keep up the good work.....

lurve the Georgie Bush laughter!..you got him - you poked the nail in the butt!(georges butt)

Al said...

hey great stuff..i like the stallone..