Thursday, 3 December 2009

Why ban the Minarets?

Switzerland have voted to ban the building of minarets saying that it’s a sign of political Islam and that Muslims are planning to take over!!?? The strangest thing is that only 4, yes FOUR mosques in Switzerland have minarets!!! This is another move in a growing trend across Europe to stamp down on Islam… Isn’t it time we stood up to Secular extremists before there’s nothing left of Islam except our names???
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The Ex-General said...

There are only 4 minarets out of 150 masjids in Switzerland. This banning is just one of those actions that has been undertaken in Europe against Islam, Germany wants to ban anymore Masjids being built, France want to ban the Burka, Holland ban and tear the Quran, UK PVE, British Islam etc, Denmark the cartoons, when will the Muslims wake up and realise that is all an attempt to change Islam and make Islam fit into Europe like a childs toy a triangle block does not go into a Sqaure slot of the toy unless you cut the edges and make it fit.....