Tuesday, 9 February 2010

The Bravery of Sultan Abdul Hamid

One of the last Caliphs of this Ummah yet one of it's greatest. He stood up to the moves of the British Empire against Islam Compare that to the coward rulers of today who bend over backwards for whatever the Americans & British want.

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ShomZ said...

great talk!

The Ex-General said...

I end with the words of Sultan Abdul Hamid moments before he was deposed as Caliph:

“Midnight had struck by the time the carriages were loaded and a white-faced, tottering old man stood for the last time on the threshold of the palace where he ruled an Empire for 33 years, with a heavy heart this Caliph knew he be one of the last to ever hold this position, he knew deep down what tragedy and evil will befall this Ummah without its head, he knew there was nothing he could do. Like a father who gets up in the night to cover his children with the duvet to protect them from the cold, this old man knew this Ummah will have no one in the day or night to cover them or protect them”