Wednesday, 17 February 2010

MoD My Show 14 Feb '10

MOD introduces a new concept within its weekly circles. 'MOD My Show' is where brothers and Sisters share some of their talents. This week we had brothers spit some bars, Islamic lyrics.


Anonymous said...

Salam dear brother's keep up the good work, my younger brother attends your circle sometimes, I just have one concern among you brother's you have some character's that confilct your image as they are deceiver's.Which is merely a shame as I think what you doing is absolutley essential to the youth of today
But maybe you guys need to sit with your management comitee and ponder on this.
, as it is in a way hypocracy.
I pray you see this as advice and not an attack, keep up the good work
was salam
Atikur Salam

MoD Team said...

Jazakallah khair for your comment. We always endeavour to improve our work and ourselves.


MoD Team

The Ex-General said...

When will I get my show for leaving so many comments on this site...

MoD Team said...

You had your chance at the eid party, and you failed miserably! (o;